THE STEINER SYSTEM S(5, 8, 24)   APRIL 14TH 2008

Listing as an HTML page
Listings as text files; Turbo-PASCAL programs

Unpack the ZIP file into an arbitrary (new or already exisiting) directory.
The two EXE files and the two BAT files run under native MS-DOS (version 5.xx or later) as well as under MS Windows.
Under MS Windows they can either be executed from MS Explorer or run as commands from a command prompt in an MS-DOS box.

S5824.EXE produces the Steiner system on-screen.
S5824.BAT writes the Steiner system to the output file ZZZ.TXT by redirection. This output will be appended at the end of a ZZZ.TXT file that might already exist.

S5824X.EXE produces the Steiner system on-screen interspersed with reports on the numbers of octads skipped between each two consecutive hits.
S5824X.BAT writes the Steiner system with these extra lines to the output file ZZZZ.TXT by redirection. Like with S5824.BAT, this output will be appended at the end of a ZZZZ.TXT file that might already exist.

During execution the number of octads examined, the hit count and the skip count are shown on-screen.
End of program execution is marked by showing their final values: 735471; 759; 734712.

On a 3 GHz machine the runs last about one minute.